The Nursery wing is one of the most important learning centres of the school and we at Glory make sure that the tiny tots learn their best lessons when here. The ambience, the surroundings are in keeping in tune with the aim to recreate a homely and nurturing atmosphere. The Nursery wing is well equipped, not only do we have a separate spacious area for the little ones; it has been equipped with efficient infrastructure in terms of learned and experienced teachers and extensive teaching and learning aids. Also, we have made the Nursery wing and all the teaching aids are colourful and the teaching methods very playful and flexible. Also, every little one is given focussed attention and treated as an individual and also taught extremely important social skills.

The curriculum of Nursery and Pre-Primary has been assigned while taking care of the development of personal, social, behavioural, intellectual, communication and motor skills of little ones. All our caretakers and educators are well educated and trained for guiding the tiny tots with care and sensitivity. Regular outings and excursions are undertaken and the children are also involved in creative activities as drawing, painting, music, dance, paper crafts and value based education.

We ensure academic excellence through intensive coaching by trained teaching staff and nurture such universal values amongst the students at an early life stage. We lay stress on learning through activities/studentís own creation and through the help of visual aids, well-maintained facilities for outdoor and indoor games. At this early life stage the extra-curricular activities are integral to the learning process.

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