Since our aim is to extend an open learning environment to our students, we believe in minimum of guidelines. As a student of this school and as a member of this esteemed educational institution, I will :

  • Conduct myself with an absolute sincerity of character.
  • Extend my support in and contribute an environment rich in the desire to learn and encourage my fellow classmates in doing so.
  • Strive towards excellence in emotional, physical, moral and academic goals.
  • Be courteous, respectful and attentive towards everyone, elder or younger, equal or unequal.
  • At all times, be mindful of and conduct myself as an example of integrity and responsibility.
  • Be open to learning and be aware that my today is important in shaping a better tomorrow for me and for others close to me.
  • Uphold the belief in equality and maintain the highest standards in my social conduct.