Lakshmi Shiksha Society was founded in the year 1986. The society has grown from strength to strength and has risen to be a centre of excellence. As per the proverb, Tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today, the society aims at bringing to the tomorrow thought and action leaders from the younger generation of today. It is the belief of the Founder Chairman that imparting quality education is the best service that an organization can provide to the society’.

The group supports various educational initiatives at all levels of the learning curve through the Lakshmi Shiksha Society - a not-for-profit trust. The system plans to take the vision of service to society through quality education to another plane by expanding its infrastructure to provide education to innumerable students and edefine the future of the country.

The state of the art infrastructure and highly competent and dedicated faculty is what the educational programme is based on. The programme aims to develop competent student base that would fulfil the country’s growing requirements for trained personnel in all fields and arenas. Glorians are bright students and are the pillars of the society, the future of India.

Lakshmi Shiksha Society has striven to build a good awareness in the community. This means greater expectations and so increased responsibility. Our mission is to inculcate value education in children so that they turn out to be good citizens, we teach our pupils to be kind, respectful, friendly, humane and self-confident. We firmly believe that the formative years are the most important and we work hard to bring out the best in each and every child in our care.

We are blessed with a team of highly competent professionals on our advisory board, who keep on stimulating us, with their valuable suggestions and the best practices that are being followed in their respective fields and areas.