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In our bid to an overall growth structure for your child, we have an intelligently designed and constantly upgraded educational module for your child. These are spread in a uniform and easy to implement and easier to learn manner throughout the year.

  • This is one teaching that adds milestones in forming a person of high character with a higher value system. Our social service initiatives are a step in a similar direction. The school keeps on organising events like "One sapling One Child Drive" or Old Age Home visits to develop social and moral responsibilities in children as humans.

  • A healthy body begets a healthy mind. It is therefore imperative for any school to nurture students that are not only rich intellectually, have high standards in social and cultural skills but are also healthy of body. Glory Public School is committed to producing scholars and creators as well as encourage the physical culture. The Yoga classes are designed to help students have a helthy body.

  • The school is a place where learning happens in every sphere. Children begin their school life with an open mind and come out as well rounded individuals. It is at school that the young ones spend most of their childhood apart from their homes. It is where social learning takes place, children unknowingly learn about interpersonal relationships. Glory Public school is a family in itself, and thus, we believe in education which is easy, fun and a part of the everyday lives. The regular trips and excursions are a step in the same direction.

  • The co curricular activities complement the regular curriculum but are not a part of it. We have music and dance classes, computer classes, art classes, sports classes, all incorporated as a part of our everyday school curriculum structure.

  • Education is not just reading and writing but it is the overall development of mind, body and soul of a child.

    Keeping this study structure in mind, management organises various activities in the school. Activities in the form of intra-class, inter-class, inter-house competitions are held. These are the part of formative assessment.

  • The growing up years are the best years when a child goes through an all round educational experience. At Glory Public School, we have understood this and believe that honing personality skills is an integral part of an education. We have tied up with leading experts in child development experts and psychologists for Personality Development Courses for your child. These are optional with the school curriculum and involve individual as well as group activities for the students. In the same context, students are encouraged to engage in group discussions on current affairs and also other learning based games like extempore and quizzes.

  • A world class education system also involves a social learning, without which the schooling remains incomplete. Knowledge Centre is a step in the same direction, it involves planning and execution of all kinds of cultural, sports and extra-curricular activities that bring together other schools with ours. The members are senior educationists, teachers, parents and senior students of the school who plan activities with the aim of a greater social interaction among the students. These include sports meets, theatrical plays and dance competitions, organising walks and stage drama for awareness, tie-ups with leading NGO's for social service and many more.