Lakshmi Shiksha Society is dedicated towards creating a quality learning experience for every student. Our vision is to provide a customised and multi - faceted curriculum which is constantly upgraded and keeping in pace with the ever changing environment.

  • In guiding our students to a better future as self dependent individuals
  • To add visionaries and leaders to the society of tomorrow
  • Imbibe in the pupils the values that become an inspiration for their life   ahead
  • The focus is not excellence in education but an all round personality development
  • Inculcate in them a sense of purpose and sensitize them to ‘being human’  
  • Encouraging the qualities of secularism, morality, truth and honour

Our philosophy is reflected in our fair and balanced approach in a constant search for perfection in knowledge execution. We intend to make an important difference in the lives of our most essential assets, the learners or the students.

We aspire to provide a nurturing and motivating environment for an overall growth of self and as individuals. An atmosphere of encouragement and development is created in a bid to create and foster life skills, interests, hobbies in all. Aesthetic, Emotional, Social and a Culturally intelligent child is an ideal we strive to achieve in every individual.