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Glory Public school is a centre of learning that truly inspires the students to become more than themselves. The education which is outside the classrooms is as relevant as the one in it. Thus, the infrastructure, facilities of our school act as this support system to our classroom education. These include Science Lab, Computer Centre, Audio/Visual Classes, Playground to name a few.

  • Science is a practical subject. It is thus very important to have world class Labs to add to the theory study. At Glory school we ensure that our Science Labs are well equipped with all quality chemicals and instruments required for the students to have an education par excellence.

  • Our school has a well maintained and state of the art computer centre. It is the hub of e-learning and a symbol of growth in a forward direction. Every aspect of computer education is covered at here. The well designed lab has been conceptualised so that there is a computer for every student.

  • We boast of a wide range of books on various subjects and by well known and respected as well as upcoming interesting writers. The library covers many areas and fields, fiction and non-fiction, reference books and journals, newspapers and magazines.

  • Audio visual aids have taken the place of archaic methods of education. Glory School too, in keeping with the changing times and methods of learning have the latest of new world teaching tools. This ensures that the students are getting a different and a wholesome view into the curriculum and are able to grasp fundamentals very quickly.

  • The kind of education and the values, the qualities that one learns in a sports field cannot be matched by any classroom. This is undoubtedly a very important part of learning. This school has well kept playground for students.

  • A healthy mind and body are a must have and are a foundation for a brighter future. We provide the whole of the school fraternity and the students with the best professional healthcare facilities.

  • In addition to a caring, nurturing environment and a positive learning atmosphere, we have the best trained and experiences counselors. They make the children feel secure and looked after. The counselors are the students' confidantes and work at their emotional, moral and social well being which is the basis of any educative process.

  • Glory school provides to the pupils and the staff a great ambience, a healthy atmosphere for learning purposes. The school is proud to have air conditioned classes to make sure that the students can clearly concentrate on their studies and are comfortable throughout the day. They can thus study at ease and comfort in all seasons.

  • At Glory school, the comfort of the students and the educators is topmost priority. We have pick and drop transport facility for the students and staff. The transport facility ensures the safety of the students. Every transport vehicle has a supervisor and the teachers boarding at various points to oversee the students well being and security.

  • Our canteen has been designed aesthetically with all modern amenities. Surroundings are a blend of simplicity and homeliness. Proper hygiene is maintained and regular inspections are done, there is no compromise in the quality or the quantity of the eatables. Food and snacks of all kinds are served at affordable prices.